GTA 5 Unlocks

Bunker Research Unlocks

APC SAM Battery
Ballistic Equipment
Half-track 20mm Quad Autocannon
Weaponized Tampa Dual Remote Minigun
Weaponized Tampa Rear-Firing Mortar
Weaponized Tampa Front Missile Launchers
Weaponized Tampa Heavy Chassis Upgrade
Dune FAV 40mm Grenade Launcher
Dune FAV 7.62mm Minigun
Insurgent Pick-Up Custom .50 Cal Minigun
Insurgent Pick-Up Custom Heavy Armor Plating
Technical Custom 7.62mm Minigun
Technical Custom Ram-bar
Technical Custom Brute-bar
Technical Custom Heavy Chassis Upgrade
Oppressor Missile Launchers
Fractal Livery Set
Digital Livery Set
Geometric Livery Set
Nature Reserve Livery Set
Naval Battle Livery Set
Anti-Aircraft Trailer Dual 20mm Flak
Anti-Aircraft Trailer Homing Missile Battery
Mobile Operations Center Rear Turrets
Incendiary Rounds
Hollow Point Rounds
Armor Piercing Rounds
Full Metal Jacket Rounds
Explosive Rounds
Pistol Mk II Mounted Scope
Pistol Mk II Compensator
SMG Mk II Holographic Sight
SMG Mk II Heavy Barrel
Heavy Sniper Mk II Night Vision Scope
Heavy Sniper Mk II Thermal Scope
Heavy Sniper Mk II Heavy Barrel
Combat MG Mk II Holographic Sight
Combat MG Mk II Heavy Barrel
Assault Rifle Mk II Holographic Sight
Assault Rifle Mk II Heavy Barrel
Carbine Rifle Mk II Holographic Sight
Carbine Rifle Mk II Heavy Barrel
Proximity Mines (vehicle)
Brushstroke Camo Mk II Weapon Livery
Skull Mk II Weapon Livery
Sessanta Nove Mk II Weapon Livery
Perseus Mk II Weapon Livery
Leopard Mk II Weapon Livery
Zebra Mk II Weapon Livery
Geometric Mk II Weapon Livery
Boom! Mk II Weapon Livery

Rank Unlocks:

Rank 1

  • Sawed-off shotgun (weapon)
  • Pistol (weapon)

Rank 2

  • Pistol clips (weapon upgrade)
  • Stunt jumps (event)

Rank 3

  • Los Santos Customs (location)
  • Shops (location)
  • One-on-one Deathmatch (job type)
  • Shooting Range (location)
  • Hold-ups (event)
  • Crooked Cop (versus mission)
  • Roadgame (versus mission)
  • Welcoming Party (versus mission)

Rank 4

  • Pistol flashlight (weapon upgrade)

Rank 5

  • Garage (location)
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Movies (location)
  • Pistol suppressor (weapon upgrade)
  • Micro SMG (weapon)
  • Ballas To The Wall (Lamar mission)
  • Rich Men In Richman (Simeon mission)
  • It Takes A Thief (Simeon mission)
  • Rockford Roll (Simeon mission)
  • Chasers (Simeon mission)
  • Where Credit’s Due (Simeon mission)
  • Hippy Hunting (versus mission)

Rank 6

  • Sports (location)
  • Strip Club (location)
  • Flood In The LS River (Gerald mission)
  • Death Metal (Gerald mission)
  • Pier Pressure (Gerald mission)
  • Deal Breaker (Gerald mission)

Rank 7

  • Trevor’s Enigma (Gerald mission)
  • Meth’d Up (Gerald mission)

Rank 8

  • Painted rear bumper (vehicle upgrade)
  • Light smoke windows (vehicle upgrade)
  • No Hay Bronca (Gerald mission)

Rank 9

  • Combat pistol (weapon)
  • Combat pistol extended clip (weapon upgrade)

Rank 10

  • Bounties (phone command)
  • Auto armour: 20% (vehicle upgrade)
  • El Burro Heists (Simeon mission)
  • Gentry Does It (Simeon mission)
  • All In The Game (Simeon mission)
  • Hit ‘Em Up (Gerald mission)
  • Top Fun (versus mission)

Rank 11

  • Parachutes
  • SMG (weapon)
  • Combat pistol flashlight (weapon upgrade)

Rank 12

  • Combat pistol suppressor (weapon upgrade)
  • Crate drops (event)
  • Blow Up (Simeon mission)
  • GTA Today (Simeon mission)
  • Gassed Up (Gerald mission)

Rank 13

  • Merryweather ammo drops (phone command)
  • Romance Isn’t Dead (Ron mission)
  • TP Industries (Ron mission)

Rank 14

  • Denial of Service (Lester mission)

Rank 15

  • Grenade (weapon)
  • Survival (job type)
  • SMG suppressor (weapon upgrade)
  • Violent Duct (Gerald mission)
  • Top Fun II (versus mission)
  • Underhand Contraband (versus mission)

Rank 16

  • Red parachute
  • San Andreas Seoul (Lamar mission)
  • Chasers II (Simeon mission)
  • Master Data (Lester mission)
  • Crystal Clear Out II (freemode co-op mission)
  • Truck Off (versus mission)

Rank 17

  • Pump shotgun (weapon)
  • Lowered suspension (vehicle upgrade)
  • Bull Shark Testosterone

Rank 18

  • Gang attack (event)
  • Yellow parachute smoke
  • Ticket To Elysium (Lamar mission)
  • On the List (Martin mission)
  • Factory Closure (freemode co-op mission)
  • G-Rating Cold I (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Cold IV (versus mission)

Rank 19

  • Armored truck (event)
  • Sticky bomb (weapon)
  • Cop’s Capacity (Lester mission)
  • Hard Labor (Gerald mission)
  • Artificial Scarcity (Martin mission)
  • Dirt Road (freemode co-op mission)
  • Air Force Zero I (versus mission)
  • Air Force Zero II (versus mission)
  • Air Force Zero III (versus mission)

Rank 20

  • Merryweather back-up helicopter
  • Jerry can (weapon)
  • Bulletproof wheels (vehicle upgrade)
  • Lost My Mind (Trevor mission)
  • Fuelling The Flames (Ron mission)
  • Going Down The GOH (Lamar mission)
  • Caught Napping (Lamar mission)
  • Blow Up II (Simeon mission)
  • Crime Scenester (Lester mission)
  • Handle with Care (Martin mission)
  • Time to Get Away (Martin mission)
  • Acquire Targets I (versus mission)
  • Acquire Targets II (versus mission)
  • Acquire Targets III (versus mission)
  • Top Fun III (versus mission)

Rank 21

  • Sniper rifle (weapon)
  • Remove wanted level (phone command)
  • Xenon lights (vehicle upgrade)
  • Chin spoiler bumper (vehicle upgrade)
  • Pickup Sticks (Martin mission)

Rank 22

  • Cargobob (aircraft)
  • Landing Strip (Lester mission)
  • Out Of Court Settlement (Martin mission)
  • G-Rating Cold II (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Cold III (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Cold V (versus mission)

Rank 23

  • Striped parachute
  • Ram Air hood (vehicle upgrade)
  • Death From Above (Martin mission)
  • Truck Together (freemode co-op mission)

Rank 24

  • Orange parachute smoke
  • Assault rifle (weapon)
  • A Titan Of A Job (Lester mission)
  • Death From Above (Martin mission)
  • Air Force Zero IV (versus mission)
  • Air Force Zero V (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Hot I (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Hot IV (versus mission)

Rank 25

  • Merryweather boat pick-up (phone command)
  • Ignition explosives (vehicle upgrade)
  • Daemon Run (Ron mission)
  • Turbine Carbine (Ron mission)
  • High Priority Case (Lester mission)
  • Last Chopper Out Of LS (Lester mission)
  • Lost MC RIP (Lamar mission)
  • ATV Steal (Simeon mission)
  • Coasting (freemode co-op mission)
  • Potshot (freemode co-op mission)
  • Escape From LS (versus mission)
  • Into the Wild (versus mission)
  • Island Getaway (versus mission)

Rank 26

  • Stunt cage (vehicle upgrade)
  • G-Rating Hot II (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Hot III (versus mission)
  • G-Rating Hot V (versus mission)

Rank 27

  • Red parachute smoke
  • Base Invaders (Ron mission)

Rank 28

  • Hornet parachute
  • Crystal Clear Out (Trevor mission)

Rank 29

  • Assault SMG (weapon)

Rank 30

  • Merryweather helicopter pick-up (phone command)
  • Auto armour: 40% (vehicle upgrade)
  • Big bore exhaust (vehicle upgrade)
  • Assault SMG (weapon)
  • Crank Up The Volume (Ron mission)
  • Quarry Quarry (Lester mission)
  • By Land, Sea And Air (Lester mission)
  • No Smoking (Lamar mission)
  • War And Pieces (Gerald mission)
  • Airport Parking (versus mission)
  • Weed Killer (versus mission)

Rank 31

  • Dark smoke windows (vehicle upgrade)
  • Frogger (aircraft)
  • Blow Up III (Simeon mission)

Rank 32

  • Assault SMG scope (weapon upgrade)
  • Patriot parachute
  • Cuban 800 (aircraft)

Rank 33

  • Assault SMG suppressor (weapon upgrade)
  • AP pistol (weapon)
  • Carbon hood (vehicle upgrade)
  • Titan (aircraft)

Rank 34

  • AP pistol extended clip (weapon upgrade)

Rank 35

  • Merryweather mercenaries (phone command)
  • AP pistol flashlight (weapon upgrade)
  • AP pistol suppressor (weapon upgrade)
  • Check Out Time (Martin mission)
  • Chumash And Grab (Gerald mission)
  • Check Out Time (Martin mission)
  • Close Action (freemode co-op mission)

Rank 36

  • Street suspension (vehicle upgrade)
  • Coveted (freemode co-op mission)

Rank 37

  • Assault shotgun (weapon)
  • Annihilator (aircraft)

Rank 38

  • Widowmaker parachute

Rank 39

  • Drift bumper (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 40

  • Reveal players (phone command)
  • Off the radar (phone command)
  • A Boat In The Bay (Ron mission)
  • Teaser Trailer (Lester mission)
  • The Los Santos Connection (Martin mission)
  • Stick Up The Stickup Crew (Martin mission)
  • Grab Your Ballas (Martin mission)
  • Water The Vineyard (Martin mission)
  • Crystal Clear Out III (freemode co-op mission)

Rank 41

  • Triple intake hood (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 42

  • Carbine rifle (weapon)

Rank 43

  • Buzzard (aicraft)
  • Chop Chop (Trevor mission)

Rank 44

  • Rainbow parachute
  • Dollar wheels (vehicle upgrade)
  • Effin’ Lazers (Martin mission)

Rank 45

  • Large Splitter bumper (vehicle upgrade)
  • Dish the Dirt (Gerald mission)
  • Four Trailers (Lester mission)
  • Editor and Thief (Martin mission)
  • Mixed Up With Coke (Martin mission)
  • Dry Docking (Martin mission)
  • Cleaning the Cat House (Martin mission)

Rank 49

  • Limo windows (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 50

  • Merryweather airstrike (phone command)
  • MG (weapon)
  • Auto armour: 60% (vehicle upgrade)
  • Remote explosives (vehicle upgrade)
  • Muggers (phone command)
  • Out Of Harmony (Trevor mission)
  • Extradition (Martin mission)
  • Holed Up – Burton (Martin mission)

Rank 51

  • Luxor (aircraft)

Rank 52

  • Side exit exhaust (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 53

  • Single intake hood (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 55

  • Landing Gear (Ron mission)
  • Wet Work (Ron mission)
  • Bust Out (Lester mission)
  • Sinking Feeling (Lester mission)
  • The Parking Garage (Lester mission)
  • Show Me The Monet (Martin mission)

Rank 56

  • Sport suspension (vehicle upgrade)
  • Black parachute

Rank 60

  • Grenade launcher (weapon)
  • Satellite Communications (Trevor mission)
  • Hack And Dash (Lester mission)

Rank 62

  • Grenade launcher flashlight (weapon upgrade)
  • Custom grille 5 (vehicle upgrade)
  • Four new clothing items

Rank 64

  • Extended chin spoiler (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 65

  • Method In The Madness (Trevor mission)
  • American Exports (Lester mission)
  • On Maneuvers (Lester mission)
  • Chemical Extraction (Lester mission)
  • Judging The Jury (Martin mission)

Rank 66

  • Custom roof 5 (vehicle upgrade)
  • Four new clothing items

Rank 70

  • Advanced rifle (weapon)
  • Chopper Tail (Trevor mission)
  • Diamonds Are For Trevor (Trevor mission)
  • Docks To Stock (Lester mission)
  • Stocks And Scares (Lester mission)
  • Defender (Martin mission)

Rank 71

  • Competition suspension (vehicle upgrade)

Rank 75

  • Docks To Stock II (Lester mission)
  • Rooftop Rumble (Martin mission)

Rank 80

  • Auto armour: 80% (vehicle upgrade)
  • Combat MG (weapon)

Rank 81

  • Combat MG extended clip (weapon upgrade)
  • Four new clothing items
  • Trash Talk (Martin mission)

Rank 88

  • Three new clothing items

Rank 89

  • Four new clothing items

Rank 90

  • Heavy sniper (weapon)
  • Heavy sniper scope (weapon upgrade)
  • Three new clothing items

Rank 100

  • Two new clothing items
  • Platinum tint (vehicle upgrade)
  • Auto armour: 100% (vehicle upgrade)
  • RPG (weapon)

Rank 120

  • Mini-gun (weapon)