About me

I’ve been a member of the GTA 5 Modding Community for close to 5 years now, and over 2,000 live streams and counting. Still got a lot more in this old engine. I have a large amount of knowledge of the things I appreciate more in this community. This site will eventually have every piece of knowledge I’m able to give. My good friend/partner Ben,  introduced me into modded cars very early on. I remember when he gave me 20 modded cars, one after another, after another without saying a word. Then I finally figured out he just wasn’t really much of a talker, lol. We’ve been friends now for 4 years. I was a bartender for 15 years , always on stage, wingman, therapist, One Nighter….. I left the industry , but the personality never went away. I started Live Streaming giving away all my modded cars because I noticed the current streamers were just taking stuff from people. Nobody was giving away anything, they were just taking what people brought them. I think God for the way the community is now and that a lot of ya’ll didn’t have to witness what it was like to get one car….the 1 1/2 hour garage tours? The people that made you do a full tour then say “nah , you don’t have anything I need”. Don’t miss those.

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