PS4 Modded Account Services

If you would like to request services for PS4 GTA 5 Account, please join our Modded Services server on Discord.

Money Services – $50 for 1 Character – $75 for 2

Money is added to the account in the form of vehicles you will have to sell, worth $2.7 Million.
This includes a purchased Yacht, all Pegasus Vehicles ,
All properties, and every spot filled with a sell cars, motorcycles and planes.
A full double character account can have the upwards of 450 sell cars worth $1.4 Billion Dollars.
No requirements.

Kill / Death Ratio Services – $50 for every 1000 kills.

Kill to Death ratio (often referred to as KD) is simply the number of kills one has,
divided by the number of deaths. Try Hard Much? At 500 Headshots the skull face tattoo will be unlocked. While I do services for this im only really offering to bring your k/d ratio back to even. I do realise being new to the community tryhards take advantage of low levels and k/d gets destroyed in the process because of trolls.

Rank services – .50 cents for every level up.

Rank 120 is the common rank people want to get to with new accounts,
it can take anywhere from 35-40 hours to reach that number. All rank unlocks except for 3, your last health unlocks.
This service requires 100% no logging in whatsoever from the client.
If we get kicked off, we move onto the next account.

Bunker Research 51/51 Unlocks – $25

Bunker Research requires $15 Million in the bank and
takes up to 4 hours to unlock all 51 Research. If we have to add
the money to the account it will take a couple hours longer.

50 GTA 5 Modded Vehicles for $50

Dude we got everything, this is just a little handful. Over 4,000 Modded Vehicles, Property Sets, Every Motorcycle, Aircrafts, Special vehicles. These vehicles can’t be made in game. They have to be made with Save Editor and brought online with a SP2MP Glitch and a GC2F.