Modded Outfits

Modded outfits are a whole different species when it comes to Glitching. Save Editor/ Director Mode Outfits , Female to Male – Male to Female Transfer Outfits, Buy Everything For Free Outfits “BEFF”. There’s so many little ways and things to add and remove, not gonna lie….. you may have to be text book savvy to make a full outfit.

Two names come to mind who Make excellent glitch tutorial video’s on modded ————–

A single outfit can take the upwards of 6 hours even for highly experienced Outfit Glitchers. Depending on what you’re looking for and if there is even a current way to do it can cost crazy amounts . Discounts are made for clients that have a Save Key which costs a striking $60 to use for 2 accounts. Most People who do Outfit Services will include the cost of 1. So with that said they have a wide range of outfits that can be performed. I personally do not offer these services, but I highly recommend the the list of people below.

Below is my Legit List For GTA 5 Modded Outfits:

@llsilxnt , @Max_1382, @xFakenight, @kickAss2k18 @MrKen__

Just a little quick education…..there’s a lot of things to consider when saying that you have a full modded outfit. Most take multiple glitches, in certain orders, with invisible parts, to merge into one another, to complete an entire full Modded Outfit, lol. Did you get that? For example….the 2 outfits below. The outfit on the left, we would call a “Basic Outfit”. The one on the right we would call a “Fully Modded Outfit”.

White Outfit Modded Items:

White Joggers

White Armor

Race logos

Purple Outfit Modded Items:

Purple Bullet Proof Helmet, Purple Camo Adv. Mask,

Purple Camo Service Top, Purple Armor, Black Race

Gloves, Purple Joggers , Purple Tron Shoes, Gun Belt ,

Race Logos, Iaa Badge

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